Accepted Full Papers

5. Amir Herzberg and Haya Shulman. Unilateral Antidotes to DNS Poisoning

6. Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, Brendan Grebur and Li Xiao. Defense against Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks

11. Michael Beye and Thijs Veugen. Privacy for Key-Trees with Adaptive Adversaries

12. Tieyan Li, Guilin Wang and Yingjiu Li. Secure and Practical Key Distribution for RFID-Enabled Supply Chains

14. Wojciech Mostowski and Pim Vullers. Efficient U-Prove Implementation for Anonymous Credentials on Smart Cards

24. Stephen Glass, Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy, Marius Portmann and Matthew Robert. Insecurity in Public-Safety Communications: APCO Project 25

28. Cristina Romero, Jordi Castellà-Roca and Alexandre Viejo. Multi-party Private Web Search with Untrusted Partners

29. Viet Pham and Tuomas Aura. Security Analysis of Leap-of-Faith Protocols

33. Lie Qu, Guilin Wang and Yi Mu. Optimistic Fair Exchange of Ring signatures

39. Harald Lampesberger, Philipp Winter, Markus Zeilinger and Eckehard Hermann. An On-line Learning Statistical Model to Detect Malicious Web Requests

43. Benedikt Westermann, Pern Hui Chia and Dogan Kesdogan. Analyzing the Gold Star Scheme in a Split Tor Network

46. Jin Han, Qiang Yan, Debin Gao and Robert Deng. On the Detection of Erratic Arguments

48. Saman Zarandioon, Danfeng Yao and Vinod Ganapathy. K2C: Cryptographic Cloud Storage With Lazy Revocation and Anonymous Access

56. Seyed Ali Ahmadzadeh and Gordon Agnew. Behavioral Mimicry Covert Communication

62. Zhi Xu, Kun Bai, Sencun Zhu, Leslie Liu and Randy Moulic. Context-Related Access Control for Mobile Caching

67. Rinku Dewri. Location Privacy and Attacker Knowledge: Who Are We Fighting Against?

78. Amiya Maji and Saurabh Bagchi. v-CAPS: A Confidentiality and Anonymity Preserving Routing Protocol for Content-Based Publish-Subscribe Networks

87. Sarbari Mitra, Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay. Towards a Deterministic Hierarchical Key Predistribution for WSN Using Complementary Fano Plane

90. Shimrit Tzur-David, Kiril Lashchiver, Danny Dolev and Tal Anker. Delay Fast Packets (DFP): Prevention of DNS Cache Poisoning

93. Gaspar Modelo-Howard, Jevin Sweval and Saurabh Bagchi. Secure Configuration of Intrusion Detection Sensors for Changing Enterprise Systems

103. Deepa Srinivasan and Xuxian Jiang. Time-traveling Forensic Analysis of VM-based High-interaction Honeypots

105. Zhiyun Qian, Z. Morley Mao, Ammar Rayes and David Jaffe. Designing Scalable and Effective Decision Support for Mitigating Attacks in Large Enterprise Networks

112. Deguang Kong, Donghai Tian and Peng Liu. SAEA: Automatic Semantic Aware Remote Exploits Attribution Analysis

Accepted Short Papers

17. Thomas Plos. Analyzing the Hardware Costs of Different Security-Layer Variants for a Low-Cost RFID Tag

20. Hanjun Gao, Lina Wang, Wei Liu, Yang Peng and Hao Zhang. Preventing Secret Data Leakage from Foreign Mappings in Virtual Machines

25. Manuel Crotti, Diego Ferri, Francesco Gringoli, Manuel Peli and Luca Salgarelli. Scalable, Secure and Mobile Storage Systems

57. Sandeep Yadav and A.L. Narasimha Reddy. Winning with DNS Failures: Strategies for Faster Botnet Detection

59. Meixing Le, Zhaohui Wang, Quan Jia, Angelos Stavrou, Anup Ghosh and Sushil Jajodia. Trading Elephants For Ants: Efficient Post-Attack Reconstitution

64. Akshay Dua, Nirupama Bulusu and Wu-Chang Feng. Privacy-preserving Online Sequestration of High Integrity Mobile User Data

65. Chunyu Tang, David Naumann and Susanne Wetzel. Symbolic Analysis for Security of Roaming Protocols in Mobile Networks

72. Huijun Xiong, Xinwen Zhang, Wei Zhu and Danfeng Yao. CloudSeal: End-to-End Content Protection in Cloud-based Storage and Delivery Services

74. Hemant Sengar, Xinyuan Wang and Arthur Nichols. Call Behavioral Analysis to Thwart SPIT Attacks on VoIP Networks

80. Steffen Wagner, Christoph Krauß and Claudia Eckert. T-CUP: A TPM-based Code Update Protocol Enabling Attestations for Sensor Networks

104. Saeed Al-Haj, Bera Padmalochan and Ehab Al-Shaer. ConfigLEGO: An Imperative Framework for Network Security Configurations Evaluation and Diagnosis